Media Schools: Not Teaching Reality TV? Why Not?

As the UFVA 2011 Conference draws nearer, I’m already trying to figure out why so many schools that teach writing for television and film aren’t teaching writing for reality television. ┬áMaybe it’s because most resources in print are hopelessly centered on creating an original series instead of the more practical approach to working as aContinue reading “Media Schools: Not Teaching Reality TV? Why Not?”

Educators: Find me at UFVA 2011 in Boston August 3-6

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’ll be a panelist at UFVA11: The Future of Media Education at Emerson College in Boston on Thursday, August 4 at 1:30 in Walker 310 as part of MWP’s Jump Start Your Career and Make Your Scripts More Saleable, Too. I’ll also be attending the picnic and closing nightContinue reading “Educators: Find me at UFVA 2011 in Boston August 3-6”