September? Already?

Holy Earth, Wind and Fire… it’s already September?  I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July.  How’s everything with you?

On August 17, YouTube Red launched FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: EXPERIMENT 88, an original series I served on as Supervising Producer earlier in the year.

Just last week, I started work on a new show for reality powerhouse ITV / Leftfield that I’ll discuss just as soon as it gels into a thing and they announce it.

Beyond that, I’ve also been making strides on biographical feature film you’ll hear more about as it moves forward.   I absolutely love the subject of the film, and she’s been incredibly cooperative in helping me to tell the most realistic version of her story possible.

Finally, thanks to the folks at MWP and the University Film and Video Association for such a great time last month in Las Vegas.  I’m grateful that so many educators are getting behind the book and that the new material in the second edition has proven helpful.

New posts in the works.  See you again soon!




Just posted my interview with fellow reality producer Jon Collins today and wanted to make special mention of the podcast in that it deals with a situation Jon and I have found to be a sticky one over the years: the nagging presumption that reality television viewers are somehow dumber than people who watch regular scripted programming.

You’re constantly being reminded of things through flashback and repetition that you don’t normally encounter when watching procedurals and other scripted drama, and neither one of us can quite figure out why some people don’t trust the audience to remember things.  Sure, you might get up and go stir the chili at some point, but in the age of the DVR, you can just press “pause.”  Ever stood up in a movie and yelled, “I can’t be expected to remember what happened eleven minutes ago” to anyone?  No?  Shouldn’t happen with TV, either.

Anyway, check it out.  Jon was a great guest.  You can go to the archives and hear the past interviews with Shelly Goldstein (Biography, Behind the Music), Carl Hansen (Shark Tank), Andrew Hoagland (Basketball Wives and the upcoming Hollywood Divas) or Joey Ortega (of Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions), too.

CLICK HERE for the podcast archives!

REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE podcast preview episode launches today at 12N PST


It’s my pleasure to announce the very first REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE podcast launching today at 12 noon PST.  My inaugural guest is the funny and charming Joey Ortega, Manager of Development at Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions, the folks behind content like MOBBED and DEAL WITH IT, currently airing on TBS Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30C.  Joey’s an expert on reality competition and game shows, and we had a great time.

The podcast launches in earnest on May 18 (with new episodes each Sunday at noon) and will feature various reality and game pro guests each week.  The title comes from the frequent on-set reminder to reality casts, “Remember, We’re Not Here.”

Pep Talks with Eddie Pepitone #15: Troy DeVolld

A one-hour podcast with my pal, comedian Eddie Pepitone (late of Conan, Arsenio and the Steven Feinartz documentary THE BITTER BUDDHA) and his wife, Karen Simmons, one of my frequently recurring reality television coworkers.

Topics include reality television, pop surrealists, Allee Willis, Jennifer Pozner, tea at Harrods with my mother, and more.


The Caucus Foundation Auction is On!

A few times a year, The Caucus Foundation holds an auction through CharityBuzz to help fund their efforts on behalf of student filmmakers seeking completion funds for their portfolio (thesis) films while also providing mentoring and in-kind services.  

Once again, I’m offered up for a lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel (and, independently, a phone consult), as are some great folks like BURN NOTICE creator Matt Nix, Fremantle SVP of Development Alex Demyanenko, Shed Media US GM Pam Healey, Core Media’s Jennifer O’Connell, SFX whiz Culley Bunker, Sound Effects guru Ric Viers, Emmy-winning Mixer Marc Fishman, Bob Barker and Syd Vinnedge (now THAT’s gonna be amazing), Chuck “Godfather of the Television Movie” Fries, Battlestar Galactica’s David O Weddle, and Lit Agent Beth Bohn of Bohn Management.

Pony up for a good cause and enjoy your shot at meeting some terrific people with a LOT to share about their various careers in Hollywood.  CHECK IT OUT HERE.

TODAY show, 6/16/12

It was a pleasure to be asked back to TODAY’s studio in NYC to discuss the recent “revelation” that an episode of House Hunters contained some staged elements and to comment on Mike Fleiss’s recent statement about 70 to 80 percent of reality television being B.S. (excluding, of course, his own franchises).

If you missed it, you can catch the segment HERE.

Upcoming Event: TV Writers Summit in London / Also: Consulting & Personal Appearance Announcement

Just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming London TV Writers Summit in June. Information here:  Come see me and some other great folks!

London – June 23-24, 2012
What TV Writers’ Summit 
Starring Ellen Sandler, Troy DeVolld, Chad Gervich & Jen Grisanti
When June 23-24, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)
Times 8:30am to 6:30pm each day
Where Tuke Hall
Regent’s College
Inner Circle
Regent’s Park
London, NW1 4NS
United Kingdom
Fee £275 + VAT – Regular Fee

Also wanted to announce that I’m now consulting on projects. See the right hand side of the home page for info. I’ll still be answering smaller questions here on the blog, but if you need help, Saturday and Sunday phone consults are now available. Please refer to the (cheap) book and (free) blog first, as appointments are limited due to my work schedule!

On the personal appearance front, there will be a signing of REALITY TV at L.A.’s famous comedy spot, The F.A.K.E. Gallery the evening of May 12.  Also signing are good friends Martin Olson (author of THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF HELL), Jim Earl (the award-winning writer of MOURNING REMEMBRANCE) and more.  More information and time TBD.  It’s the same night as the BASKETBALL WIVES SEASON 4 REUNION SPECIAL taping, but I hope to wrap out in time to be there.

One last thing… all media inquiries can now be sent directly to realitytvtroy[at]

Contest Update: Yikes.

Well, the contest is still on through the end of March, so pass it on — You can win dinner with me here in LA or $100 in titles just for sending me a picture of you with your copy (or any copy, really) of Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market.  Bonus second drawing if there’s a reality TV cast member in the shot with you.  Details in my 2/24 post!

By the way, if you wouldn’t mind keeping your entries to PG-13, that would be really great.  This is a reality TV blog, not Penthouse Forum.  To the entrant who knows who she is, the effort is appreciated, but please re-enter with a more appropriate picture I can post if you win.  Also, you should get that mole checked out.  (I kid, I kid.)

Good luck.

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