Reality Pro Tip: “So… I’m Going to a Meeting Today About Nude Reality Stars.”

Okay, okay.  I only use that headline as an example for today’s topic because, well, followers of this blog know how I love the stupid spike in stats whenever that “nude reality stars” or “reality stars nude” phrase comes up.  Honestly, are there that many people out there searching for that stuff? 

What I’m really here about is the “So”.

When you tell a story, you often start out by saying something like, “So… Terri and I went to the dress shop” or “So… Tom and I stopped off for tacos on the way home”.  There’s nothing wrong with that, really.  It’s just something we all do.

But in an interview bite, it just sounds plain funky.  You’re setting up a scene, and you hear the “So” at the head… doesn’t it sound odd to you?  It’s bad enough that so many shows insist that you set up a scene in interview (when’s the last time you saw someone in a movie say, “So, James Bond and I broke into a missile silo”?), but the “So” just makes it sound even cheesier.

If you can shave that “So” off in the edit, do it.

Special thanks to Supervising Editor Billy DiCicco for bringing this up today in the office — we are in total agreement!


Contest Update: Yikes.

Well, the contest is still on through the end of March, so pass it on — You can win dinner with me here in LA or $100 in titles just for sending me a picture of you with your copy (or any copy, really) of Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market.  Bonus second drawing if there’s a reality TV cast member in the shot with you.  Details in my 2/24 post!

By the way, if you wouldn’t mind keeping your entries to PG-13, that would be really great.  This is a reality TV blog, not Penthouse Forum.  To the entrant who knows who she is, the effort is appreciated, but please re-enter with a more appropriate picture I can post if you win.  Also, you should get that mole checked out.  (I kid, I kid.)

Good luck.

And the Winner is: Reality Stars Nude!

Thought you would find it amusing to know that as I continue to fine-tune and promote this blog prior to the release of Reality TV, the most common search terms landing folks here are:

reality stars nude
troy devolld
nude reality stars
reality tv stars nude
american idol audition process 2011

This, of course, leads me to believe that if I ever create a show about people who sing in the shower for cash and prizes, I will probably end up owning my own island.

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