Where Have I Been?

  With Syd Field just before his Story Expo keynote last weekend.   Oof.  Where  I been this last month or so?  Time to get back to the blog! Spent several weeks in Nashville as Co-EP of a yet-to-be-announced series (and no, it’s not CHASING NASHVILLE, which my old colleague Cary Krowne of BASKETBALL WIVESContinue reading “Where Have I Been?”

TV Writers Summit / Australia Dates Announced

Jen Grisanti, Ellen Sandler, Chad Gervich and I are heading to Australia in September.  Pass the word! Melbourne | BMW Edge, Federation Square | September 8 & 9 | 9.30am – 6.30pm daily Sydney | Australian Technology Park | September 15 & 16 | 9.30am – 6.30pm daily Information here… http://www.epiphany.com.au

Teaching REALITY TV / UFVA Wrapup

Last night’s banquet at the Omni Parker House marks the end of my very first UFVA conference. While the panels, lunches, coffee meetings and dinner cruise were memorable, I’ll perhaps remember best the most unnerving moment of the week. A college professor who’d stopped by my publisher’s table was asked what she taught.  “Film andContinue reading “Teaching REALITY TV / UFVA Wrapup”