Pep Talks with Eddie Pepitone #15: Troy DeVolld

A one-hour podcast with my pal, comedian Eddie Pepitone (late of Conan, Arsenio and the Steven Feinartz documentary THE BITTER BUDDHA) and his wife, Karen Simmons, one of my frequently recurring reality television coworkers. Topics include reality television, pop surrealists, Allee Willis, Jennifer Pozner, tea at Harrods with my mother, and more.  

Fantasy League Reality Star: Allee Willis

Whenever someone asks me what kind of show I’d make and air if I had my own network and no one to answer to, I always answer that it would have to be a show about my friend Allee. Allee’s a brilliant multi-hyphenate whose parties, home and lifestyle are as legendary as her discography, whichContinue reading “Fantasy League Reality Star: Allee Willis”