How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Critics

I’m a basically happy guy, and only a couple of things ever really get to me in a way that messes with my default mood. Dealing with the occasional insecurities of other people who need to tear others down to fulfill their own power fantasies is one of those, but what are you gonna do?Continue reading “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Critics”

Pro Tip: Promoting Yourself

With hundreds of hours of television in the rearview mirror, you’d imagine that it would get easier for me, this business of promoting myself among my peers.  Truth is, it can still be tough. I’m very big on gentle reminders… the occasional email here or there, a lunch invitation between shows to catch up withContinue reading “Pro Tip: Promoting Yourself”

“Reality TV” Second Edition Preorder Bonus and Special Offers

In an effort to boost pre-orders for the second edition of REALITY TV, which would make my publisher very happy, I’d like to offer a free PDF copy of my book AND ANOTHER THING: A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO THE TV NOTES PROCESS to anyone who orders the book online or through their local bookseller upContinue reading ““Reality TV” Second Edition Preorder Bonus and Special Offers”

Pro Tip: Odd But Useful Advice From Media Titans

Once a year, Full Sail University inducts six alums into its Hall of Fame, inviting previous inductees back to speak to students on everything from our personal journeys and professional accomplishments to the state of our industries.  This year, for some reason, was an especially emotional one for all of us… though I’m unsure why.Continue reading “Pro Tip: Odd But Useful Advice From Media Titans”

2016 Booster Campaign

Hi, guys.  Last year’s Booster campaign covered the cost of hosting the REMEMBER WE’RE NOT HERE podcast archive.  This year’s tee-shirt campaign, revisiting a series of promotional stickers from the book’s first edition release in 2011, supports the launch of REALITY TV: AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO TV’S HOTTEST MARKET’s second edition by helping to fundContinue reading “2016 Booster Campaign”

Understanding Credits

Prompted by a recent discussion with Andy Dehnart at, here’s the key to understanding credits in reality television:  Stop trying to make sense of them and start relying on context in relationship to the credits as a whole if you want to understand who’s who. When you see nine Executive Producers listed on aContinue reading “Understanding Credits”

“What’s So-and-So Really Like?”

  This year, I’m giving myself a great present for Christmas: A get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to the recurring question, “What’s (name of reality celebrity) really like?” Ask anybody who’s met a celebrity exactly once what they think of them, and you’re going to get an absolute answer based on a tiny interaction. ThatContinue reading ““What’s So-and-So Really Like?””

University Film and Video Programs

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel on reality television at Cal State Fullerton moderated by former Paramount Network TV President (now Chair of CSUF Radio-TV-Film) Garry Hart.  It was a revelatory experience for me, as I’m not used to being asked to speak to a group — especially a group ofContinue reading “University Film and Video Programs”

Reality Pro Tip: B-Roll Nat Sound (Shh!)

I hear it all the time. And by it, I mean general chatter on your b-roll. You’re in a unique location… a big city, under a waterfall, a train station, what have you… and instead of hearing general traffic, rushing water crashing down on rocks or the horn blasts of that incoming train, the storyContinue reading “Reality Pro Tip: B-Roll Nat Sound (Shh!)”