About Agencies

The simple answer to whether or not you need representation in reality is that there’s no simple answer.  The right decision for you lies on the other side of this question — what do you expect to get out of having representation? If you’re brand spanking new to the reality business, I think you’re throwingContinue reading “About Agencies”


Starting Your Reality TV Career

Back in 2007, I posted a primer on how to kick off a career in reality television at the old blog, http://www.troydevolld.com. For those of you considering reality writing / producing as a full-time job, I’m reposting it here with a few revisions. — As with most other jobs, you start at the bottom. InContinue reading “Starting Your Reality TV Career”

You found me!

Hi, folks. I’m Troy DeVolld, a reality television producer, writer and sometime academic guest lecturer on the genre.  While my old blog (www.troydevolld.com) still lives, this one will deal solely with the craft of reality television writing and production.  Special attention will be paid to answering questions relating to beginning and maintaining a career inContinue reading “You found me!”