Jennifer L. Pozner and Reality Bites Back

Feminist, media critic and journalist Jennifer L. Pozner’s upcoming Reality Bites Back ( is available for preorder at and other online booksellers. I’m eager to get my hands on it, as Pozner is one of my favorite critics of the reality genre.  While some of our perspectives on reality television content differ, what I’ll neverContinue reading “Jennifer L. Pozner and Reality Bites Back”

News: Posts Now Updated Every Saturday / Upcoming Reality Book

Some people just don’t understand what weekends are for, and I’m one of them. Monday through Friday’s my regular work week, but every Saturday when the alarm goes off at 8, I’m out of bed and working away on whatever personal project I’m taking on at the time. From now on, folded into whatever weekendContinue reading “News: Posts Now Updated Every Saturday / Upcoming Reality Book”

Brother, Can You Spare a Month? Or Six?

During the last Writers’ Strike, there was an awful lot of noise online from disgruntled television viewers about how it was a war of the wealthy wherein writers and producers were all just greedy little overpaid pigs who were peeved that they weren’t getting their lattes fast enough. Those kind of statements illustrate the shallowContinue reading “Brother, Can You Spare a Month? Or Six?”

The Economy of Story

I’ve been involved with reality television for a long time, and have seen productions of all shapes and sizes shift their story department and editor rates north and south in the strangest of ways.   Let’s say that fictional Company A caps their story producer salaries at $1200/wk and their editors at $2500, working everyone into the groundContinue reading “The Economy of Story”

StoryTroy / RealityTvTroy

Okay, okay, you got me.  Before there was RealityTvTroy, there was StoryTroy, which is the nickname I actually use.  I came by the handle while working on The Bachelor, where another Troy was working on set.  When the walkie calls got too confusing, I became “StoryTroy” in order to cut through the confusion. By theContinue reading “StoryTroy / RealityTvTroy”

Story and Ethics

One major difference between a character in traditionally scripted sitcoms and dramas and a character on a reality television show is that outside the confines of the tube, no one expects the sitcom/drama actor to be the same person they are onscreen. With reality shows, participants have to live with the public’s opinion of them as individualsContinue reading “Story and Ethics”

Reality Pro Tip: The Forecast Bite

Interview content can do more than merely summarize or clarify scenework, it can also invite viewers to invest themselves in your cast members’ long-term arcs with something I’ve always called “forecast bites.” Instead of just asking your talent how they felt when x or y happened to them, ask them how they feel an event or interaction will affect theirContinue reading “Reality Pro Tip: The Forecast Bite”