Basketball Wives 2 Premieres Dec. 12: Change is good

On December 12, VH1 kicks off the second season of Basketball Wives. In a departure from season one, the show will air in a new hour-long format that doubles the amount of time afforded to relate the stories of Shaunie O’Neal and her friends Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Suzie Ketcham along withContinue reading “Basketball Wives 2 Premieres Dec. 12: Change is good”

Bristol Palin and Master P: Popularity vs Performance When the Choice is Ours

One of the chief benefits of no longer being part of the Dancing With the Stars team is that I’m free to enjoy the show and make comments along with the viewership at large from the comfort of my couch. Audience voting usually turns me off when it comes to shows where ability can readilyContinue reading “Bristol Palin and Master P: Popularity vs Performance When the Choice is Ours”

Free Stuff: “Reality TV” Bumper Stickers

As you might know, my book, Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to Television’s Hottest Market, is being published in Summer 2011 through Michael Wiese Productions, the world’s number one publisher of books on screenwriting and filmmaking. In the meanwhile, I’m offering free high-quality 3″ x 10″ promo stickers for the book while they last… newContinue reading “Free Stuff: “Reality TV” Bumper Stickers”

Sex, Drugs and Reality Television: Your Favorite Reality Stars Nude!

Okay, that was a pretty low gimmick to get you to read this entry, even though teasing something you ultimately don’t deliver is exactly the topic of this week’s post. Nothing drives me crazier than tuning into a show that’s been heavily teased (promoted ahead of time in a manner that gives you just aContinue reading “Sex, Drugs and Reality Television: Your Favorite Reality Stars Nude!”

“And how much are you making a year?”

I recently posted a ringing endorsement of my alma mater, Full Sail University, in the comments section of a YouTube video featuring the school’s President, Garry Jones. While I’ve been candid for years about the realities of attending any film or television program at any college or university, I often recommend Full Sail to studentsContinue reading ““And how much are you making a year?””

The Producer/Editor Relationship

One of the best things about the show I’m working on now is that I have a team of wonderful Editors whose work is absolutely top notch. The Story Producers on my team are terrific as well, and darn it if we don’t all get along like the freaking Waltons. This kind of arrangement shouldn’tContinue reading “The Producer/Editor Relationship”

Newbie Tip: Mentors

This entry is bigger than reality television. It covers traditionally scripted shows and films as well. I had the great pleasure of attending an event this past Sunday that celebrated the cult favorite comedy SLEDGE HAMMER and its creator, Alan Spencer. In his closing remarks after three hours of episode viewings and guest interviews, AlanContinue reading “Newbie Tip: Mentors”

Reality Pro Tip: B-Roll (B-Careful!)

Ah, B-Roll. Those beautiful but not-so-specific shots that help you establish a sense of time and place in addition to your specific establishing shots (the building your cast lives in, the restaurant the scene to follow takes place in). Cars, moving feet, dogs drinking from water bowls in front of trendy restaurants… all these seeminglyContinue reading “Reality Pro Tip: B-Roll (B-Careful!)”

Reality Pro Tip: Don’t Feed the Animals

I recently heard my umpteenth story about a Production Assistant in the field who’d been disciplined for posting pictures of herself hanging out with cast members of the in-progress reality show she was working on. The production company demanded that she remove the photos and captions from her Facebook account and threatened termination across theContinue reading “Reality Pro Tip: Don’t Feed the Animals”