Update: The REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE Podcast and Documentary Projects

The documentary and podcast are alive… ALIVE! I’m finally realizing I can’t pull everything off that I’d like to without a little help, though… so if you might, for some reason, be in need of a shirt with my cheery mug emblazoned on it, here’s where you’d get one and support the effort.   The REMEMBER,Continue reading “Update: The REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE Podcast and Documentary Projects”

Reality Pro Tip: Tops n’ Tails

Several years ago, I worked on a show that shot a series of interviews in what we referred to in post as the “God chair,” a big red chair set against all-white background, shot with a diffusion filter.  The resulting effect made it seem almost as if our cast was addressing camera from the afterlife.  Continue reading “Reality Pro Tip: Tops n’ Tails”

MWP/Divine Arts Authors’ Summit

Yesterday marked another gathering of authors whose works have been published by the wonderful Michael Wiese.  It’s been nearly a quarter century since I first volunteered to man his book sales table at a Florida Motion Picture and Television Association state convention and bought Steven Katz’s SHOT BY SHOT; Now I have my own bestsellingContinue reading “MWP/Divine Arts Authors’ Summit”

Coming Attractions: Live vs Live-to-Tape

You’ve heard me say that no reality show airs in real time the way something falls through a lens, but live shows… live shows are a whole different ball of wax.  DANCING WITH THE STARS, save for its produced packages, is as live as they come.  Ditto most live reality competition shows, like our competitor,Continue reading “Coming Attractions: Live vs Live-to-Tape”

December LA Event TBA; Consulting Packages

I’m proud to share that a December reality seminar/workshop will soon be announced by the same genius promoter who’s handled me with the TV Writers Summit events these past few years. While Ellen Sandler, Jen Grisanti and Chad Gervich — see tvwriterssummit.com — take the NYC by storm December 6-7, I’ll be spending the holidaysContinue reading “December LA Event TBA; Consulting Packages”