Remember, We’re Not Here returns

While the documentary continues its slow limp forward, another season of the REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE podcast premieres today, featuring a fun interview with my good friends Eddie Pepitone and Karen Simmons (at home with their pup, Charlotte, interjecting from time to time) recorded earlier in the year. Eddie Pepitone is an actor and comedianContinue reading “Remember, We’re Not Here returns”

Mind the Gap: Rachel Prior on the flow of notes from The Money to The Writer

My entire motivation for writing AND ANOTHER THING was to help newly-minted creatives and assistants/baby execs understand each other better and — hopefully — take it easier on one another during the crazy back-and-forth of the creative process. This great series of tweets from Rachel Prior (Head of Development at Big Talk Pictures) addresses the tough jobContinue reading “Mind the Gap: Rachel Prior on the flow of notes from The Money to The Writer”

Consulting: What It Is, What It’s Not

When I first moved to California, long before reality television seemed like a real career, I was hell-bent on writing for sitcoms and films.  I shelled out what I could afford (and what I couldn’t afford) on pitchfests, consultants, and anything that I thought would help me get a leg up in the entertainment universe.Continue reading “Consulting: What It Is, What It’s Not”


Hi, all. The long-discussed (well, blathered-on-about-here) REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE podcasts’s second season, which kicks off with a double interview with Eddie Pepitone (LAST COMIC STANDING) and Karen Simmons (BASKETBALL WIVES, VANDERBILT MDs) has been in limbo for a stretch, but it’s still very much alive. In the meanwhile, please remember that all RWNH season oneContinue reading “REMEMBER WE’RE NOT HERE Podcast Update”

Your Questions Answered: Reality-Competition/Game Shows and Other Stuff

Yours truly, lurking behind Bruno Tonioli and Tom Bergeron at a DWTS season finale.  I’m spending some of this fine Emmy Sunday catching up on old business, working on the book, and FINALLY getting around to some of the questions you’ve been kind enough to ask. First, from Jack D: As you’ve worked on game shows (andContinue reading “Your Questions Answered: Reality-Competition/Game Shows and Other Stuff”


Response to AND ANOTHER THING, my new book on the TV network notes process, has been mostly sunny now that everyone’s figured out I’m not bashing anyone.  Boy, are we touchy about the notes process! Here’s a brief excerpt from the book, which is downloadable for free at through Saturday. — WHAT MAKES AContinue reading “Excerpt from AND ANOTHER THING.”

New e-Book: AND ANOTHER THING promotion at

Just wanted to let readers of the blog know that AND ANOTHER THING, my e-book on the television notes process, is finally available at  The book is free through Saturday July 4 as part of a release promotion at, after which, it’ll still be around for just $2.99. The book takes aim atContinue reading “New e-Book: AND ANOTHER THING promotion at”