Back to the Blog!

Hey, folks.

You know, it seems like the last year or so went by pretty fast.

In 2018-19, I spent a lot more time working on the documentary (clips galore on Instagram @rememberwerenothere) and exploring some really unusual stuff like creating a card game, guest writing for The Washington Post and much more.

I’m resolving to spend more time here, as I always had fun here exchanging pro tips and other things.

Anyone still here?


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2 thoughts on “Back to the Blog!

  1. Hi Troy,
    I am so glad to receive this. I will be a new follower. You and I had a breakfast/meet thanks to Pilar Alessandra. I am working on a law enforcement related reality show. At the time, you told me you weren’t consulting. Is that still the case?

    1. How nice to hear from you!

      I’m returning to consulting in January after having taken some time away from it for personal reasons.

      Hope all’s well with you, and you can always reach me directly at realitytvtroy(at)gmail(dot)com.

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