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I’m proud to be an incoming member of the recently formed Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators.

From the eiACE website:

“We are a non-profit organization supporting professionals of the highest caliber in fields relating to story development, analysis and education. This alliance was formed by a group of professional colleagues who share a great respect for each other’s work and a commitment to elevating the art and craft of storytelling.

Not all consultants and educators in the entertainment industry are created equal because their background, proficiency, experience and reputation vary greatly. It is the goal of our organization to promote through our membership those individuals who meet only the highest standards of professionalism. Therefore, writers, directors or producers looking to hire a consultant or take classes in story related fields may utilize our website to enlist such services with ease and confidence. People looking for instruction or consultation can trust that they will be getting an experienced teacher or consultant who is a recognized authority and an accomplished professional.

Another of our primary goals is to advance and promote a greater understanding and appreciation of story in all media. Many of our members have authored some of the bestselling books in this field worldwide.  Through eiACE, we will continually be offering workshops, lectures and seminars that promote some of the most cutting edge work being done today. We aspire to be a laboratory for the creative work that is continually developing the field of narrative.”


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