Hot in Sunland (also: 48-hour Consulting deal)


Well, I guess I won’t be wearing any crazy jackets for a while. 104 degrees tomorrow, 106 degrees Monday. Whoo-ee!

Man, is it ever hot out here.  Can’t even get the cat to come out from under the bed.

I’m also between shows, which can really make the days drag on.  In an attempt to alleviate the boredom, I thought maybe I could come up with some sort of summer special on consulting.

If you’ve been thinking about developing your original series concept or could use some career advice in the reality television arena, now’s the time.  If you’d like to book an hour-long consult, just make a request at before midnight Sunday and enjoy the following:  The $200/hr rate will now include a free, signed copy of REALITY TV as well as my e-book on network notes, AND ANOTHER THING.

I’ll also include a 30-minute follow-up call for whenever you need a shot of extra advice. All told, that’s an added value of $130.

And now, for some more iced tea.




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