Reality Pro Tip: B-Roll Nat Sound (Shh!)

I hear it all the time.

And by it, I mean general chatter on your b-roll.

You’re in a unique location… a big city, under a waterfall, a train station, what have you… and instead of hearing general traffic, rushing water crashing down on rocks or the horn blasts of that incoming train, the story team in post will get to hear about the great price you got on a Canon 5D for a side project you’re working on, where you’re going to have a drink after the shoot, or what you thought of the movie you watched in your hotel room last night.

Why create a need for sound design in post when you can capture amazing in-the-moment natural sound that will make the quality of the end product just a little better?

Help your work really shine.  Enjoy a quiet moment now and again and think about how great your work will not only look, but sound.

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One thought on “Reality Pro Tip: B-Roll Nat Sound (Shh!)

  1. I totally agree– how many times have I watched some beautiful bit of b-roll scenery from the field, only to hear the crew disrupting the bee-u-tee-ful silence with chatter off-camera! Boys, boys, use your indoor QUIET voices! Or better yet, just clam up for a few moments and enjoy all the gorgeous nature and nature sounds while the camera gets its b-roll! You can resume your chattering when the shot’s done!

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