Remember, We’re Not Here returns

Karen Simmons and Eddie Pepitone join my mother and I for lunch during one of Eddie’s stand-up runs in London.

While the documentary continues its slow limp forward, another season of the REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE podcast premieres today, featuring a fun interview with my good friends Eddie Pepitone and Karen Simmons (at home with their pup, Charlotte, interjecting from time to time) recorded earlier in the year.

Eddie Pepitone is an actor and comedian who’s appeared in Last Comic Standing, Bob’s Burgers, Brooklyn Nine Nine and dozens of other film and TV projects including the feature documentary The Bitter Buddha and his own Netflix Special, Eddie Pepitone: In Ruins.

Karen Simmons is a writer and reality story pro with credits on the award-winning comedy Runyon: Just Above Sunset and Basketball Wives.  She’s one of the first people I always call when a show is staffing up and one of the only people I know who cares more about classic radio, TV and film than I do.

Future episodes will roll out as they are completed and as time allows.

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