Reality Pro Tip: Superteases

Many newcomers to reality television may be unfamiliar with the concept of a supertease or supertrailer. 

Think of them in much the same way as you would a movie trailer. The idea behind a supertease or supertrailer is to convey a sense of what a full season will look like, and convince viewers to tune in.  These may run at upfronts, online to promote a new show or season, or at the end of a first episode.

While there are many ways to approach cutting these, I have always found it useful to divide the supertease or supertrailer into a series of clips and soundups categorized by similar emotional tone.

For example, you may wish to open a super tease with a question or hypothesis for the season. A character might make a statement like “If they think I’m going down without a fight, they’ve got another thing coming.”

From that hypothesis, take the first turn into a group of loud or exciting moments. From there, consider grouping five or six sound bites that are of a dynamic nature… argument, exclamatons, pronouncememts. 

After that, consider taking a downshift in intesity into some more personal or emotional moments.

You get the idea.

After four or five good shifts in tone, bring your supertease/supertrailer home with a heavy string of conflict moments (or, if more appropriate, liveliest positive moments) the biggest, baddest sound bite you can find.  A declaration.  Something that packs a wallop that will define your series and season as it puts a button on the 90 seconds to three or four minutes your supertease or supertrailer will run.

You can apply this same philosophy to your sizzle reels, too. 

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