MWP/Divine Arts Authors’ Summit

Yesterday marked another gathering of authors whose works have been published by the wonderful Michael Wiese.  It’s been nearly a quarter century since I first volunteered to man his book sales table at a Florida Motion Picture and Television Association state convention and bought Steven Katz’s SHOT BY SHOT; Now I have my own bestselling MWP title and find myself kneeling next to Katz in a group photo with pretty much every major speaker and author in the universe of how-to film and television books.

It was positively surreal, I can assure you.  But more than that, edifying and inspirational in unexpected ways.

'Swiping another shot from Jen... here's the whole bunch from yesterday's MWP/Divine Arts summit.  That fella next to me in front is Steve Katz, whose SHOT BY SHOT was one of the first MWP titles I ever bought... while volunteering at Michael Wiese's book table in Orlando, Florida at the FMPTA state convention in the early 90s.'
This is the first year I’ve attended since the addition of Divine Arts, Michael and wife Geraldine Overton-Wiese’s other imprint handling books on mind, body and spirit, came into being and joined the fold.  They’re more than two dozen titles in in just a few years, which is incredible.  It also made for an interesting day in a number of ways, in that the infusion of authors dealing with the spiritual into the day’s events that impacted me deeply on a level I didn’t expect to deal with at an authors’ gathering.

It’s a special thing to be an MWP author.  It’s a wonderfully no-bull bunch of people who know their business inside and out, and can somehow translate it all in a meaningful and inspirational way into materials for the generations following them into their professions.  I’ve read the books written to make a buck, and I’ve listened to the lecturers who have more ego and subjective opinion on display than knowledge.  Ours are different.  At least every one I’ve managed to read, right up to Catherine Ann Jones’ The Way of Story, which I picked up yesterday and am already about halfway through.

I’ve got to jump back into edit (yeah, I know it’s 5:30 on a Sunday), but wanted to share with you my sheer delight at being part of such a great bunch.


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