Where Have I Been? / On Consulting

Swiping the title of Sid Caesar’s autobiography for a quick second as it seems like forever since I’ve updated the ol’ blogaroo, here.

I’m having a wonderful time finishing up HOLLYWOOD DIVAS, which opens on TV ONE in the fall, and am in talks to head back to a show I haven’t been on for nearly ten years, a surprise I’ll announce later when the ink dries. Meanwhile, though, I’ve been readying a new online webinar for the Writers Store folks on August 11 and revamping my presentations for StoryExpo in September.

The podcast is churning along, too, though taking a brief hiatus as I edit a few shows down so that I can relaunch on track every Sunday as originally intended. Having loads of fun, especially with another informal living room visit with Karen Simmons (Basketball Wives) and Eddie Pepitone (a past participant on Last Comic Standing). This husband/wife team are some of my dearest friends and a real hoot in our hour together.

Thanks for being patient. I’ll be back soon!

On the consulting front, I’ve continued my Saturday morning schedule of consults and have to say that I’ve had a lucky streak of dealing with some very sharp folks lately.

Owing to my longtime disdain for the kind of consultants and coaches who’ll take on anyone with a checkbook, I can be brutally frank and often tell people that there’s nothing I can do for them if their only questions are about access, money, and how to keep networks and production companies from “ruining” their ideas (translation: having any input whatsoever).

And then there’s the email I got this week from somebody who managed to insult me, my work, my style (“silly” suits) and my shows, while imploring me to do something positive for a change and sell his show. That is, if I didn’t just delete the email first “because of [my] huge ego.”


To be clear: I don’t sell shows for my consulting clients. I help you refine what you’ve got and leave it to you to get those meetings and pitch like a pro. Once in a VERY blue moon, if I think there’s a love connection, I’ll quietly pass an idea along to an exec pal or two who might like it, but that’s not a service I render, and if you’re not ready for prime time, no amount of money is going to get me to squander my goodwill capital.

The good ones make it worth doing. I’ll always see myself as a working producer first and a consultant second. It’s the only reason I ever consented to being part of the TV Writers Summit events — EVERYONE on that team has spent time actually doing what they’re showing people how to do.

To close in the proper upbeat tone I was after when I started — thanks to the great consulting clients old and new who make it worth spending my Saturday mornings on the phone.


One thought on “Where Have I Been? / On Consulting

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  1. Rats! I lose a bet, but at least you’re alive. 🙂

    Nice to hear you’re busy. Again, how about you post a blog post each time you do a podcast for those of us (in other words, me) who semi-regularly check your blog.

    I also see that your interview clips are finally coming to an end with Film Courage. Twenty-two clips in all. On the bright side, Film Courage will be releasing the whole interview soon. When they do, I would like to suggest you do a blog post giving us a link to it.

    Take care!

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