Just posted my interview with fellow reality producer Jon Collins today and wanted to make special mention of the podcast in that it deals with a situation Jon and I have found to be a sticky one over the years: the nagging presumption that reality television viewers are somehow dumber than people who watch regular scripted programming.

You’re constantly being reminded of things through flashback and repetition that you don’t normally encounter when watching procedurals and other scripted drama, and neither one of us can quite figure out why some people don’t trust the audience to remember things.  Sure, you might get up and go stir the chili at some point, but in the age of the DVR, you can just press “pause.”  Ever stood up in a movie and yelled, “I can’t be expected to remember what happened eleven minutes ago” to anyone?  No?  Shouldn’t happen with TV, either.

Anyway, check it out.  Jon was a great guest.  You can go to the archives and hear the past interviews with Shelly Goldstein (Biography, Behind the Music), Carl Hansen (Shark Tank), Andrew Hoagland (Basketball Wives and the upcoming Hollywood Divas) or Joey Ortega (of Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions), too.

CLICK HERE for the podcast archives!

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One thought on “Dumbth

  1. Hi Troy,

    First, PLEASE look into a way for us to get email notices when you put up a new blog post.

    Second, you got to do a blog post PER podcast episode since….

    Third, I don’t see anywhere on the podcast page where I can subscribe to get notices of new episodes.

    Fourth, the link to the book that your guest refers to in Episode 102 reads: “No posts!”

    Fifth, I’m enjoying the opening tune more and more each time I hear it. 🙂

    Sixth, I’ve been enjoying all of the interviews so far. Sorry to say but that surprised me. Most podcasts are not this enjoyable. Then again, maybe it is the little musical intermissions you do between segments. *laugh*

    Seventh, I enjoyed the Breaking Bad analogy quip that Jon Collins used for comparing reality TV violence to scripted TV violence. I literally laughed out loud.

    Keep up the good work!

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