Just so you know, the podcast will not be replacing the blog.  Keep coming here for my sporadic posts about varying reality television topics.  The podcast is reserved for interviews and general fun stuff with my various TV friends and acquaintances.

REMEMBER, WE’RE NOT HERE goes live with a new podcast installment every Sunday at noon starting next week, so be sure to subscribe on iTunes (free) or check the blog for each new episode around the same time.

Here’s the first episode, featuring Joey Ortega, Manager of Development for Howie Mandel’s Alevy Productions.



3 thoughts on “A Few Words About the REMEMBER WE’RE NOT HERE PODCAST

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  1. GREAT! I am right now in the development stages of a YouTube game show. This couldn’t have been better timed.

    Now a question that’s straight out of your podcast. How do you know something is too derivative of another game show?

    For example, the game show I’m working on was inspired by a very well-known old game show (one that hasn’t had new episodes added in decades) but I think I have changed it dramatically from what that old one was to make it its own boy. For just one change example, the old one was a panel game show and mine has two contestants compete against each other. However, anyone watching it will very likely say, “Oh, this is like [name of old game show].” As far as the basic core game goes.

    Now a second question: Just how similar can a new game show be of an old game show without being sued by the owners of the old game show?

    Naturally, you cannot use the same show title, but what else can land you in court?

    Just in case it matters, the old game show that inspired my game show was based on an old parlor game. In fact, a game show that aired even earlier than the old game show was based on this same parlor game and even had one of the names people called that parlor game as its show title.

    1. In creative matters, anything can land you in court. It doesn’t mean the suit has merit, but a lot of the time, it’s a David and Goliath scenario where you COULD fight back, but you’d have to do it against two floors of lawyers, probably bankrupting yourself.

      Generally, I see lots of shows with similar elements. It’s been a while, but compare WIN BEN STEIN’S MONEY to JEOPARDY. Both shows have three players trying to clear the board with questions carrying different dollar values. Beyond that, there are plenty of twists in the game play indicating WBSM is not the same show. Make a bigger deal out of your original twist than the basics.

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