Caucus Foundation Auction Time!

Most of you that follow the blog know that a few times a year the Caucus Foundation holds an auction to help fund its mission, and that usually, I participate in some capacity as a meetup/experience prize.  In the current auction, I’m in twice — once for brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel and again for a one-hour phone consult.

This particular auction is special, as it’s got some really incredible meet-and greets including:

  • Chuck Fries, Godfather of the Television Movie and one of the few producers to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Culley Bunker, VFX artist whose work is featured in the new Lady Gaga G.U.Y. video and countless other music videos and other projects
  • Marc Fishman, an Emmy-winning Sound Re-Recording Mixer with credits on Bridesmaids and other big films
  • Leslie Brathwaite, the Grammy-winning mix engineer behind Pharrell’s HAPPY and projects for TLC, Jay-Z and too many artists to count
  • Suzanne de Passe, the iconic and influential Motown figure who helped discover the Jackson 5 and has continued on to a wildly successful career in music, film and television
  • Beth Bohn, founder of Beth Bohn Management in LA

Great experiences for a great cause!  Check ’em out at


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