Consulting/Services Tab

I don’t do a tremendous amount of consulting, mostly owing to my work schedule, but I’ve finally added a consulting/services tab in case you’re curious about working with me to help develop your concepts out, having me speak to your college or university, or bringing me in to give your team an overview of the process from the production end.

As for that last bit, I’ve had a blast speaking inside the industry to groups — like the entire intern staff at Dick Clark Productions, for example.  I hope to have the chance to do more of that this year at both networks and production companies.

One of my major goals for 2014, in fact, is to help bridge the gap between freshly-minted network-side execs and the production companies they interact with.  It doesn’t have to be adversarial, and many issues and overages could be avoided by explaining process to people who haven’t ever worked on the production side.  Save time, save money, and get the shows done the way you want ’em by knowing how to better speak the language of production, I say.


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