Fantasy League Reality Star: Allee Willis

Whenever someone asks me what kind of show I’d make and air if I had my own network and no one to answer to, I always answer that it would have to be a show about my friend Allee.

Allee’s a brilliant multi-hyphenate whose parties, home and lifestyle are as legendary as her discography, which includes hits for Earth Wind and Fire, The Pet Shop Boys, The Pointer Sisters and more. She’s always up to something, and has no trouble rolling the dice with her own money to make every project-du-jour a reality. She’s the perfect subject for a reality series.

As part of my ongoing quest to share the Allee magic (she’s currently knee-deep in a massive project celebrating her hometown of Detroit), here’s a look behind the scenes at her incredible pad.


2 thoughts on “Fantasy League Reality Star: Allee Willis

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  1. Like falling down the rabbit hole. Tacky but oddly cute. She should transport that entire place to Wisconsin Dells. It would be a hit here and fit right in at that tourist trap.

    What has she done lately? She seems a bit forgotten. Like frozen in time. Is she still working? What was her last hit?

    How would you do a reality show on her?

  2. Allee’s always working. THE COLOR PURPLE musical that she cowrote with Stephen Bray and Brenda Russell just completed a great run in London and she’s got a fantastic project going on right now celebrating the city of Detroit while hopefully setting a record or two in the process by involving tens of thousands of Detroiters. More on that here:

    As for HOW I’d do the show, I’m gonna keep that to myself. Her life has a new arc every few months as she throws herself into one amazing project after another.

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