Change is Good: Working vs Making


I’m proud to say that the last three years of my career were spent churning out five seasons of a number one hit for VH1, two of another number one hit for the same network, and a game show that sort of changed everything for me.


I’d forgotten how much fun it is to be in over my head on something I’ve never done before.  When I took Hollywood Game Night for NBC this Spring, I had no game shows on my resume.  Reality competition galore, yes, but straight-up game shows, no.  Zero.  Zed.  Naught.  Nary a one.


I’d gotten comfortable with docusoaps.  I had a great team in place and all I was really doing was overseeing story, suggesting nips and tucks and rejiggering outlines.  I felt like I was really good at it… comfortable with the gig.




F*ck.  Comfortable is terrible.  Comfortable is the 40 hour a week job you do so you can go out on Friday night.  Nobody ever built an empire on comfortable.


So I took the game show.


I had never worked hours like that in my life.  Game shows are SO deceptively simple.  I worked myself into glorious numbness and total exhaustion… and boy, was it fun.


When Basketball Wives and I parted ways, I went back to docusoaps with the project I’m on now, which is decidedly a departure from the usual.  Like Hollywood Game Night, it’s no cinch to deliver.  But as tired and fussy as I get sometimes, I know that if we can bring it in for a landing, it’s going to be something outstanding…  something I can be proud to have been a part of.


When you go from feeling like you’re “working” to feeling like you’re “making”, it’s pretty awesome.  Don’t let yourself get pigeonholed.

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  1. Great to hear you’re taking on life by the horns! 🙂

    Same here. I’m interviewing publicists to find one that will be right for my project ( Getting a proposal from one this Friday, telephone chat with another tomorrow at noon, and with a third phone chat on Friday at 10 am. I contacted PR firms in Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago. Most referred me to solo independent publicists which was and is fine.

    I’m taking the advice of Biagio (of Joke and Biagio of Joke Productions) and only focusing on raising my public profile as much as I can. On my FAQs page ( I tell what TV show I’d like to do in the answer to the question “What are the future plans for Better Tomorrow Challenges and Jack Decker?” and pretty much leaving it at that. If I can raise my public profile high enough, TV production companies and networks should come calling.

    Anyway, that’s the game plan for now.

    Good luck with the new show!

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