The Caucus Foundation Auction is On!

A few times a year, The Caucus Foundation holds an auction through CharityBuzz to help fund their efforts on behalf of student filmmakers seeking completion funds for their portfolio (thesis) films while also providing mentoring and in-kind services.  

Once again, I’m offered up for a lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel (and, independently, a phone consult), as are some great folks like BURN NOTICE creator Matt Nix, Fremantle SVP of Development Alex Demyanenko, Shed Media US GM Pam Healey, Core Media’s Jennifer O’Connell, SFX whiz Culley Bunker, Sound Effects guru Ric Viers, Emmy-winning Mixer Marc Fishman, Bob Barker and Syd Vinnedge (now THAT’s gonna be amazing), Chuck “Godfather of the Television Movie” Fries, Battlestar Galactica’s David O Weddle, and Lit Agent Beth Bohn of Bohn Management.

Pony up for a good cause and enjoy your shot at meeting some terrific people with a LOT to share about their various careers in Hollywood.  CHECK IT OUT HERE.


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