Reality Wanted Awards

If you ever wanted to hear the sound of a heart breaking, look no further than my house as I watched the live-streamed red carpet arrivals at the Reality Wanted Awards tonight.  I can forgive amateurish production to a degree, but watching the red carpet host adjust the camera on the tripod herself, hearing the question “When does this thing start?” answered with “When we all get in there”, and worse, I just kept thinking… reality television deserves better than this.  We survived the Fox Reality Awards for this sub-public-access-station-grade display years later?

Okay, okay.  So, how were the awards?

Answer: Who knows?  The live feed only covered the red carpet, which many of the guests on the Twitter feed took note of as the hours passed starting at 7:30 (okay, 7:45 — they started 15 minutes late).  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow who won in each of the categories where voters online got to choose from the pre-selected list of up to five nominees in each category.  Nowhere to be found: This year’s Emmy® nominees Cat Deeley and Tom Bergeron, Anthony Bourdain (despite his incredible Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations calling it quits after a monster run), and an explanation as to how Andy Cohen was nominated for Best Male Personality when his show, Watch What Happens Live, logically falls under talk, not reality.  But then, there’s no talk category here.

From the website:

“The nominees are picked through a number of different channels. Members of the academy were presented with statistics on viewers, clips, and polls and narrowed down the nominees in each category based on who they thought deserved to be nominated. Those who work in the reality TV industry and enrolled in the “Academy” by filling out the Membership Application at casted their ballots to narrow down to the final nominees selected.”  According to the website — which I dig in concept, as they’re bringing the industry together in much the same way as Jill Garelick’s has for years already — “We were approached in October 2012 to produce the 2013 Reality Wanted Awards & Party. Finally, the Reality TV industry is being recognized for all their hard work! Members of our organization will become the academy for voting before going to the general public.”  So… they become the Academy for voting before going to the general public, just like the A.T.A.S. narrows down nominees before they decide to let the internet universe choose who gets an Emmy®.  Oh, wait, they don’t do that.  Only the members get to decide.  So tonight was more of a People’s Choice Award kind of deal, except the insiders got the jump on voting like Gold AMEX holders who get the front row seats at all the concerts.

Okay, okay, now I just feel like a jerk and that I’m not appreciating the fact that they tried.  “Academy” was in quotes.  And when it wasn’t in quotes, it was lower case academy.

  • Amended to add:  A friend in attendance reports that the event itself started about 75 minutes late and that the party atmosphere made it hard to hear the announcers and winners, though it was a fun time.

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  1. Working hard to bring the prestige to reality television. I agree, by the way, about Bourdain. His show was excellent and the final season ended well. I’m happy that he’s on CNN now. The guy has the best reality show on television. Present company excluded, of course.

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