VIDEO: Full Sail University Panel Discussion

In conjunction with Full Sail University’s Hall of Fame week this year, I participated in a panel and a lecture on reality television.  Here’s 44 minutes of me talking entirely too much while flanked by Jennifer Dubasik and Kristin Zimmerman.  Anne Watters moderates.

Jennifer Dubasak has worked in producing, developing, and casting reality television for 15 years. She worked as Director of Development on hits such as Bravo’s ‘Most Eligible Dallas,’ ‘Miami Social, and’ ‘Thicker Than Water: The Marinos,’ Style Network’s ‘The Amandas’ and ‘Truth Be Told,’ and CNT’s ‘My Big Redneck Wedding.’ She also runs Vintage South Productions in Orlando, the casting/development company behind Style Network’s ‘Big Rich Atlanta’ and A&E’s ‘Shipping Wars.’

Kristin Zimmerman worked as Production Coordinator for Revolver Films in Los Angeles on shows such as ‘Laguna Beach,’ ‘Chasing Farrah,’ ‘Bands Reunited,’ and ‘Totally Obsessed.’ She is currently a Course Director in Full Sail University’s Sports Marketing & Media degree program.

Moderator Anne Watters worked for ten years in reality television as a story producer on shows such as ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘My Big Redneck Wedding,’ and ‘Truth Be Told.’ She is currently the Film Program Director at Full Sail University.


4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Full Sail University Panel Discussion

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  1. Excellent! Well, almost excellent. Troy, please give links to the “Dan [a-something] Sizzle Reel” and the “Muppets Sizzle Reel” on YouTube or wherever. I looked for both on YouTube to no avail.

    And you and the gal on your right obviously knew what you were talking about. The gal on your left came across as a no-real-life-experiences academic, who pretty much just parroted what the two of you said and was clueless on how to hold a microphone. She even waved it around as she talked.

    But again, excellent! I enjoyed every minute of it. Please post more.

    1. Both of these ladies were terrific and knew their stuff, even though you might not have heard much from Kristin during the panel. I think it was a matter of me being a little undermoderated — you really have to stop me once I get going. Yes, I have a tendency to consume an abnormal amount of oxygen in these scenarios because I’m VERY excited about discussing reality television in an academic environment, where students might be convinced to think about it as seriously as they do film and traditionally scripted television.

      Watching this, I kinda wish Anne had cut me off a few times as I went on and on like the Energizer Bunny of TV panels.

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