How to Avoid Washing Up

Somehow, despite being a great fan of it, I’ve mentally quit reality television on the drive home after a long day hundreds of times.  It never manifests, but when you do anything for a long, long time, you’ll experience those moments where you think it might be a great idea to throw in the towel and move to the desert to make pottery.

Don’t do it.  The feelings of exhaustion and unrealized potential always pass when some wonderful thing happens the next day.

How to Avoid Washing Up.

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  1. That happens in EVERY job field. Even marketing. In marketing, the best thing to do is simply to switch to another department. Go from public relations to advertising … or production to client management … or corporate management to creative director. No one will think twice why you did it as it is always a good idea to keep your knowledge and experience base broad in marketing. That and people in marketing constantly shift around wherever opportunity (and fat paycheck) knocks. Or if you’ve got the years (decades) and a rollerdex (or the computer version of it) full of potential clients, start your own marketing agency.

    The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. And even if it is, that’s because there’s more manure over there. 😉

    Jack Decker (Scott Jensen)

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