Okay, okay, already. It’s the online course!

Well, now I’ve done it.  I’ve got a massive twelve-week online course gearing up through Screenwriters University online.  You can check it out here.

First came the book.  Then came a smattering of university lectures, UFVA panels with my fellow MWP authors, in-store mini-seminars, and (reluctantly, but rewardingly) an extremely  limited amount of consulting.  Still later, I was presented by Derek Christopher with the opportunity to be part of the TV Writers Summit events here and abroad, where I’ve been endlessly surprised by how excited people the world over are about reality television.

None of this could have prepared me for the birthing process of the twelve-week course I’ve just written for Screenwriters University.  My original concern, when I was first approached to create it, was that it didn’t make much sense to invest hundreds of dollars to simply listen to me cover what you could get in the book for twenty five bucks.  

Then I remembered how much I’d learned just sitting in on the lectures Chad Gervich, Jen Grisanti and Ellen Sandler had presented during the recent TV Writers Summit events.  I’ve read their books, but all of us really had much more to say in the seminars.  No book covers everything, and being able to take questions and offer helpful criticism really made those four-and-a-half hours into something magical.  

When I settled in to write the course, the folks at F+W Media felt the same way I did about making sure that the content of the course be fresh, continuing the discussion started in the book rather than merely rehashing it.  This turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be… while there was much more to say, I was still up to my eyeballs in Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives L.A. over at Shed Media, so I had to compose the course over many months in the few hours a night I had to myself at home and on weekends.  I’d stretched myself back when I wrote the book, mentally scraping the corners of my brain with a spatula to make sure I hadn’t left anything out, and now here I was writing twelve lectures, some twenty thousand words in total, trying not to repeat myself… and the end result really surprised me.  As it turned out, there really was a lot more to say.

At north of $400, the whole course costs about what I charge for two hours of consultation.  It really digs deep into the process, and through the opportunity to give feedback on assignments and answering questions online in the days following each lecture, it should be quite the adventure.  The flexibility it offers me allows me to keep my top priority in place, too — working as a producer.  

Hope you enjoy the course!



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