On Advice…

Hi, all!

Just wanted to remind you of a few things when it comes to advice.

First, I’m happy to answer a question or two by email at realitytvtroy[at]gmail.com, but if it’s something already covered here on the blog or in my book, I may just refer you to that information.

Second, please don’t take advantage of facebook or gmail to instant message me your questions.  I’m seldom in a drop-everything-and-respond situation — which is why I suggest the email.

Third, please remember that — just like it says at the top of the page here — I don’t want your blind-submitted ideas or collaborative proposals.  It’s a mess for me to deal with, and while I do wish you well on your shows, anything that requires me to roll up my sleeves or sit down and read/review something for you must be handled as a consult, which can be arranged.  If I don’t think I can help you, I won’t schedule the consult… I’m pretty straightforward about that, and as I can only really handle a half-dozen or so of these each week, I need to keep it to the projects and people I really see possibilities in.

Thanks for your interest in the blog, the book, and my on-screen work.  I wish you the best!


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