Merger: Important

I often suggest that reality television pros keep their resumes current at  The site has merged with another to create, so please go there from now on.

4 thoughts on “ Merger: Important

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  1. That merge seems to have a rough start. I am having trouble with accessing my account. I was a premium subscriber of RealityStaff. I did a a search for my profile, and only one show credit transferred over out of at least 20!

    1. I have to go through and update my entries as well. In addition to the dates worked on the shows, I now have to enter the seasons individually, no doubt having to do a ton of research back into my own employment history to divide the time I spent on multiple seasons of single shows into their proper seasonal lifespans. It’s a pain in the butt, but s’gotta be done.

  2. Unfortunately, with this migration, international job alerts seemed to have gone a-wall… Any advice on another site for non-us based cameraman/ producers?

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