Frankenbaloney’s Monster! Or is it?

I can’t tell you how sick this makes me.  I’ve worked on shows where dialogue is rejiggered lightly in frankenbites to create the B that gets you from A to C narratively (and always tonally correct for the participant who maybe just forgot to say something in interview or whose statements needed to be compressed for time), but to sell out your participants by creating a completely different show from the source material using host copy and out-of context material?  It’s what some people are saying about SyFy’s Collection Intervention.

Admittedly, this is only one participant’s assertion, so I could be overreacting… but listen to the terrible bite in this promo for the series at :57, spoken by the husband.  Pay attention, too, to the bite at :14 that makes a sharp turn at :20, when you see the phrase completed.  Her eyes are soaked, but there’s no crack in her voice until that moment.

Like I always say, if you’ve got to frankenbite to compress time, I get it.  But when you start doing things that change the intent of your participant’s words or paint them differently, you’re crossing a line.  I’m really curious to find out if this is what actually happened here or if some participants were genuinely seeking help.  Anyone know more?

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  1. I actually notice this less in this clip than others, maybe because I’m not intrigued by this trailer at all.

    My pet peeve now is the editing of major brand name commercials– in what wants to be presented as a seamless shot to a different camera angle, I can tell that it was from an entirely different take, due to positioning of actor or their expressions. I go to great lengths to avoid this in my own filming and I can’t see why a director or editor wouldn’t do the same, it’s mind boggling.

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