What’s New?

Every time I turn around, I’m shocked by how long I’ve gone between posts here.

August was a busy month, as Basketball Wives LA season two zipped closer to its September 10 premiere on VH1 (@ 8pm, so set your DVR).  It also gave me the chance to travel to Chicago for the University Film and Video Association‘s annual meetup — where I participated in some great panels and spoke to educators from all over the country about reality television and why its production techniques should be taught — and to hop over to Orlando for a Full Sail University Creative Writing MFA Advisory Board meetup.

So what’s next?

As 2012 enters its final four months, I’m developing an online course for the folks at the Writers Store that mirrors the college curriculum that accompanies my book, Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market. I’m also busy with the groundwork for my first documentary feature, which you’ll read more about here in the months to come.

I’m still here to answer your questions about reality television, so if you have anything you want to talk about, just add to the comments thread here and I’ll address them as soon as I can.



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  1. Any new reality TV shows that you’ve heard are in the pipeline that you think will be pushing the envelope or limits of the genre? If so, what’s the shows and in what way(s)?

    Follow-up question: In what ways do you think the reality TV genre has yet to push its limits? Where would you like it to do some risk-taking?

  2. Scott, I haven’t heard of much that’s pushing the envelope or the limits of the genre. It’s a rough time for creativity in television land, as the celebrity reality shows just keep coming.

    I think reality television could do better in bringing us fascinating (but not necessarily famous or attractive) folks in more unusual formats. My favorite pitch of the last few years involved following someone (a creative person whose work you know but whose name you don’t) as they produce a reality show about themselves. Total transparency.

    I’d also like to see reality make fun of itself a little more often. Joe Schmo remains one of the best efforts I’ve seen in that category, and I’d like to see spoof make a comeback.

    1. Troy, interesting idea for a reality TV show BUT can it be done in reality? Would any network really let cameras in and show what really goes on behind the scenes? Wouldn’t many network executives put on a show for the camera while it is on and act very differently once the cameras are off? How could you insure the audience that what they see is what really happened? I would expect a lot of the truth of what really went on to be told via “confession booth” after the fact. And how would you deal with the fact the audience will expect the wannabe producer to succeed since that producer wouldn’t be the focus of such a show if their idea wasn’t already good enough to be considered. In fact, their idea is already so good that a reality TV production company has selected it to be the focus of the show. Why then doesn’t the reality TV production company just do the show?

      Or is your idea already past the point of being selected by a reality TV production company and the show is really about pitching the show idea to networks? But isn’t that too great of a gamble for the reality TV production company? If they don’t get a network to option the show, the show about the possible show is already dead. All that production for nothing. Wouldn’t a better starting point be where the the new reality show has already been optioned by the network and then the reality show presents what it take to bring a new reality show to the airwaves?

    1. It never hurts to keep a boom for safety. For example, if you have four people wearing lavs in a scene and a fifth person wanders into your scene, you have a fighting chance in post. If someone’s talking and you can hear fabric brushing the lav or someone thumps their chest while making a noisy assertion, you’ve got a chance. I say keep a boom going if you can swing it.

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