Upcoming UFVA Conference // On Reality TV in College Media Programs

Next weekend, I’ll be in Chicago for the University Film and Video Association conference, presenting and appearing on panels with both MWP and some other colleagues.  My book, “Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market,” has a course syllabus available, and I’m honored to be going back for a second year to discuss that program and the genre at large.

Last year at UFVA, I met an educator who claimed to teach “absolutely everything with regard to film and television,” but when asked about how she covered reality television, she said (with the proper amount of lofty disgust wrapped in a laugh) “Oh, God, no.  Not that.”

When film started luring prominent authors and playwrights to Hollywood, their peers looked down on them. When screenwriters and playwrights started working in television, their peers looked down on them. When television writers started migrating to reality shows, their peers… well, you know.

I look forward to the upcoming conference and the day when reality TV writer/producers are looked down on for working on holographic wristwatch programs.

Just kidding.  Those holographic wristwatches are gonna be badass.


6 thoughts on “Upcoming UFVA Conference // On Reality TV in College Media Programs

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  1. Scott:

    I’m with the Michael Wiese panel on Friday and presenting Saturday with Northrop Davis from University of South Carolina during the “Keepin’ Current” session.

    I’ll also be at a few other events TBD.

    1. If anything else firms up, please let us know. I would love to go. Unfortunately, just yesterday I got back from four days to attend a faraway funeral so I’m right now trying to catch up on things. It is good that it is Friday and Saturday. That I might be able to make. I might just drive in a day. Which day would you recommend if I could only do one?

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