Strange Advice

You’ve heard it all before… when you move to LA, you should do this, don’t do that, and always the other thing.  Well, here’s two of the stranger bits of advice I’ve gotten over the years that have been helpful.


Pick three restaurants: One great breakfast place, one dive, and one upscale place.  Patronize them exclusively on the rare occasions when you go out to eat (the early years are the cheapest, but be nice to yourself once in a while).  At the nice place, try to find a regular table and ask for it.  Years later, when you have meetings or want to impress, you can suggest your regular haunts and be well treated when you go.  Doesn’t hurt on date night, either.

Whenever I get to pick the location, I like to take meetings at the Smoke House in Burbank (at table 26 — it’s out of the way and next to a fireplace).


You often hear about the importance of networking, but here’s an interesting take on it: Offer four favors for others for every favor you ask for yourself.  This doesn’t mean doing four favors for the person you’ll eventually ask a favor from, it just means put yourself out there as a helpful person four times for every time you ask someone else for something.

The 365 Day Rule is another good one.  Don’t ask anyone for anything for the first full year you know them unless they offer.  You know how you feel when someone you barely know asks for a lift to the airport?  Yeah, it feels that way when you ask someone you just met to help you get something read.


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  1. *laugh* Those are funny and yet sound advice.

    The following are three pieces of uncommon advice I received from my father which has paid off numerous times for me over my life. In all the business college courses that I took, never did any professor tell the class the following.

    ALWAYS BE NICE TO SECRETARIES. Never look down at them. Never treat them poorly. They know EVERYTHING that is doing on in the company and will know about it a week before you do … if you ever learn of it. Their boss trusts their judgment FAR more than yours and they can sweet talk her boss in your favor and move your proposals from the bottom of the stack to the top, if not out of the trash can and back into the middle of the stack.

    DON’T PICK A HOTTIE. If you get to have one in a company, don’t go for the new “hot” blond but the serious protector that has been with the company for at least three years. They will save your bacon countless times and help open doors for you IF you treat them right.

    ALWAYS TIE THEIR BOAT TO YOURS. One of the best ways of treating your secretary right is to tie your bonuses and raises to them. When negotiating your job contract (and saying a personal secretary is part of the deal), stipulate in your contract that if you get a bonus/raise, your secretary gets a bonus/raise in the same proportion to her salary as your bonus/raise is to your salary. This deepens her commitment to your success like nothing else.

    1. Wise. If you aren’t the final stop when it comes to salary for the folks in your department, do something cool for the gang when you get a raise. I have season tickets to a performing arts center and dole out pairs of tickets to staffers depending on what interests them. It also doesn’t hurt to pick up a check at lunch once in a while.

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