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Hi, folks.  Just wanted to take a moment to ask those of you already working in reality television to pass a link to this blog along to your pals personally or through Facebook and Twitter.  The blog will be undergoing some changes soon and I’d like to see it become a pitstop for viewers and pros alike.

The great thing about reality shows is that (as I mention in the book), they’re often put together in different ways.  Even with 20+ shows and projects behind me, I wouldn’t dare to say I know it all.  Let’s make a push to get some new voices to participate here!

Meanwhile, who’s got some questions about Reality TV?


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  1. Let us say that a reality TV producer approaches you about doing a reality show that focuses on what you do for a living, are there any red flags you should look out for that signal that this character is just wasting your time? That he’s on a fishing expedition? Or “green” flags that he’s the one to go with?

    Flipping the above, let us say you’re that producer. What should you do to show the potential talent you’re not wasting their time? That you have a real shot at pitching this to networks?

    Troy, you’ve said you’ve tried to pitch shows to network people. What have you done to secured the talent for your prospective shows?

  2. To give this blog another topic to discuss…

    Troy, I know your advice to wannabe reality TV producers is to get work on a reality show in whatever position you can get. That’s great IF you live in a city that has a reality show. But what if you don’t and cannot relocate to a city that does? What would you recommend to someone who wants to try to launch a reality show in their hometown? Aside from “Don’t do it.”

    Can online be a possible start-up route? Launching and distributing a low-budget reality show on YouTube. Getting local advertisers to become sponsors. Getting local community leaders, politicians, chambers of commerce, tourist bureaus, etc. to get on board to make it a go.

    Or is public access TV a better choice? A “cage” show where everything happens in a single room (e.g., the public access studio). All of it filmed and then edited down to the interesting parts.

    Or is there a job that you can do for a reality show without having to live in LA? If so, what job(s) can that be? How do you land that job(s)? Can you use that job to move onto doing one of the two above options? Or does it still require you to move to LA to go further in the industry?

  3. Here’s another topic to discuss…

    I’ve noticed something that happens on cable TV channels. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe it is a network strategy. I see cable TV channels run stand-alone “special” or “documentaries” and then these become optioned into reality shows.

    From what I’ve been able to figure out, that has happened with the following shows:

    Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations
    Deadliest Catch
    Dirty Jobs
    Good Eats
    How the States Took Shape
    Ice Road Truckers
    Jon and Kate Plus 8

    If anyone can add to the above list, please do. If one of the above didn’t start off this way, let us know that too.

    From what you, Troy, know of the industry…

    1) Were these really specials or documentaries that did well in the ratings, piqued the interest of a network (as far as I know always the one that aired it), and the network made it into a series.


    2) Were these designed from the start as basically “pilots” to see how they did in the ratings and because they did well in the ratings, their series option was activated.

    For the wannabe producer, should one seriously consider trying to make such a special/documentary and pitch it to a cable TV network as a “dry run” (pilot) for a possible series for them?

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