TODAY show, 6/16/12

It was a pleasure to be asked back to TODAY’s studio in NYC to discuss the recent “revelation” that an episode of House Hunters contained some staged elements and to comment on Mike Fleiss’s recent statement about 70 to 80 percent of reality television being B.S. (excluding, of course, his own franchises).

If you missed it, you can catch the segment HERE.


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  1. Good appearance. You’re really good on camera. I agree, I could care less. We don’t watch these silly shows because we think its all real, we watch it because its entertainment.

  2. *laugh* I loved your flippant attitude that it doesn’t really matter as long as people are entertained. My bet is that the host was hoping you’d try to defend the “dark side” of reality TV. Good appearance on the show.

  3. I didn’t mean to sound QUITE that flip, Scott. Ultimately, I really don’t see why this should affect House Hunters negatively. They do a heavily formatted show very well (meaning that they do a great job of keeping things on rails), and I’ve watched and enjoyed it for many, many seasons.

    I’m glad I had the chance to close by sharing that it’s important to me that people on docuseries/docusoaps be portrayed accurately in the final edit. People first, then entertainment.

  4. Nice showing, Troy, absolutely love the jacket! The “flippant” part was all editing, lol. Strange that HH wouldn’t have an indemnification contract on these participants, or? And strange that she speaks out but is still such an avid fan, or? Nicely executed plan by HH to get network advertising for free 😉

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