Just for Fun: 10 Crazy Career Moments

I’ve had a lot of funny experiences so far in my career, some of which I can’t share.  Of those that don’t violate my nondisclosure agreements, here’s ten:
  1. Once spent 36 hours straight reviewing tape for an unlogged shot we thought would be perfect to end an episode on.  Okay, 34 hours with a 2-hour nap in the middle.
  2. Showed up at 4pm every day for a 7pm – 3am logging/transcribing shift early in my career to ensure that I would get “face time” with the story department and Executive Producers.  They thought it was hilarious, but they kept me around for nearly three straight years.
  3. Once took a job as a logger between Story Producing gigs rather then sit home and collect unemployment.  Strangely, after taxes, I would have made more sitting at home than working 40 hours at that rate.
  4. Served the last meal of a house reality show to its cast when the caterer bugged out at the last minute and refused to be seen on camera.
  5. Was told by an uber-famous kid reality star: “No offense, but you’re really f*cking boring.”
  6. Absent-mindedly wore a Tampa Bay Buccaneers sweatshirt to shoot interview content with MC Hammer the day after his beloved Oakland Raiders lost the Superbowl to Tampa 48-21.  The real irony here is that I don’t even follow sports.
  7. Once chided a powerful household-name producer for loudly dribbling and shooting baskets within earshot of one of my outdoor interview setups.
  8. Was once paid for a gig in travelers checks.
  9. Early on, I was once dumped in the middle of a blind date when the girl found out reality television was nonunion and I wasn’t making WGA minimum rate.  I showed her, though.  I took her entree home and ate it at work the next day.
  10. Wrote the book.

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