TV Writer Podcast with @GrayJones

Hi, all.  Gray Jones recently invited me to guest on his TV Writer Podcast (a partner of Script Magazine), where we talked for almost an hour about the book and reality television production.

Follow Gray on Twitter at @GrayJones.  I’ll be coming back to it soon as @RealityTVTroy.

Link to the interview:



8 thoughts on “TV Writer Podcast with @GrayJones

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    1. I’m going to post a link to this interview in the newsgroup misc.writing.screenplays.moderated. As this interview talks about being a writer in reality TV, it should be of interest to that newsgroup.

  1. Thanks for checking out the interview, Scott. And yes, my eyebrows do have their own little thing going.

    If you look up my Full Sail University Hall of Fame induction video on YouTube, you can see them operating at full tilt, independent of my actual face.

    1. WOW!!! I have NO idea why you didn’t give a link to your induction videos in your book or here on this blog. This helps establish your credentials, authority on speaking on this topic, and who you are. Especially on who you are as a person. People need to see these videos. Sorry if I’m very misinformed about Hollywood but you are NOT who I imagine a reality TV producer to be. And that’s a great thing. Videos like this make you VERY likeable. You come across as a sincerely nice guy.

      If a link to these induction videos was in the book (which I did read cover to cover), I’m sorry that I missed it, BUT, if not, in your next edition of your book this should be in big bold print at the start of your book. I’m serious. And at least one snapshot of it should be here on this blog on the right column with all the other videos. For those of you who haven’t seen the three induction videos, here’s a link to them:

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