Reality TV Photo Contest: Dinner With Me in LA!

Hi, folks.  I’ve been getting so many nice emails and letters since the release of REALITY TV: AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO TV’S HOTTEST MARKET that I thought I’d offer up something fun in return.

From now until April 1, send me a photo of you with your copy of REALITY TV to realitytvtroy [at] and I’ll select a winner at random to receive dinner for two with me at my favorite restaurant, Top Chef Master Susan Feniger’s STREET in Los Angeles.*  If your photo happens to include a reality TV celebrity, I’ll also include it in a second-chance round for up to $100 in books from

Thanks to all of you who have made this such a rewarding experience so far.

(*Does not include travel or lodging expenses; if you can’t make it to LA, I’ll let you pick $100 in books from

13 thoughts on “Reality TV Photo Contest: Dinner With Me in LA!

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  1. Sounds like fun, but two things:

    1) Will you also redeem it if the winner happens to be in the Midwest and do it the next time you’re in the Midwest?

    2) What about us ebook version buyers? Can we get some love too? 🙂

  2. Go, Troy, go!!! I’m assuming I can’t enter, but when we’re in Chi-town for UFVA, we HAVE to go to either GIRL AND THE GOAT (Top Chef Tiffani) or to one of Rick Bayless’ places — maybe w/some of the other MWP authors! xoxo kathie

  3. A review of a person’s logline, one-sheet, and treatment for a reality show they’re working on would be an even better prize. It would also go more along with your book. NDAs signed by you before you seeing their stuff.

    Then again, if this is the to-be-named prize, that would be sweet!

    1. Hi, Scott. I won’t be offering that prize, but I am offering $100 in books from my publisher, Michael Wiese Productions. If the winner can’t make it to Los Angeles, I’ll offer it in lieu of the dinner meetup.

      1. Ah, oh well. I know it was just a hope. 🙂

        I humbly submit it to you for your consideration for a future contest. It would be a prize that I am sure I would not alone in wishing to win. 😉

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