Finalizing my materials for the TV Writers Summit in the eves this week.  Are you going?

Also, here’s a reality TV package I appeared in late last year for CNN/HLN’s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT:



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  1. This is a great segment, Troy, thanks for posting! Loved Rob Kardashian and “K-Cav” tiptoeing around indemnification clauses with their answers!

    I’ve learned that watching RTV with my wife is a great gauge — when she gets excited about something that happens it tells me the specific part has been produced well and is “believable”.

  2. Having finally gotten through your blog’s archive, I’m now watching the three video clips. A bit ironic that the last blog post is then a video clip.

    Having read your book, I find all these video clips WAY off the mark. The Australia one implies that you’re giving away dirt in a tell-all book when you’re not. You’re purposely not and say so upfront. Your book is about the production of reality TV, how it got there, and what it is like actually making it. I got the sense from all of the interviews that the hosts think everything’s fake. I think only one allowed you to talk about condensing down time and putting things into a dramatic order. That’s quite different from putting words in people’s mouths.

    I don’t know but it felt like they have preconceived ideas and were trying to get you to validate them.

    But it was nice to actually see and hear you speak.

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