Basketball Wives Season 4 Trailer

Here’s what we’re working away on right now.

It’s rare to see a show develop in such a way that subsequent seasons get better, so kudos to an incredible cast, field team, post story team, editorial staff and execs on both sides of the network/production company fence.  Tune in to VH1 on February 20th!


4 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Season 4 Trailer

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  1. Wow. So, I got to see Troy’s name in the opening credits, cool. This is my first season, so I’m new to the gals, they all look good, nice diversity in character. The background music is well done, in the right places, never overbearing. They fell just short of fisticuffs at the end, but from the teaser, it looks like a bottle or two may be thrown, heels come off, I saw some swinging,,,all the glory of Reality TV that will definitely have me tuning in again. My wife got hyped-up during a few points, which tells me the “wife-meter” factor is still an accurate measure of drama to go by, lol. Nice job, Troy!

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