On Personal Appearances and In-Stores…

Thanks to the publicity surrounding the upcoming book, I’ve been in touch with a few people in the last month that are interested in having me speak to certain groups and learning institutions.  While my schedule’s usually pretty tight, I really do want to take advantage of some of these opportunities, because I believe there’s a genuine dearth of accessible information about how reality works and how a career in the genre gets off the blocks.

The big concern for me is that there are a lot of folks out there doing lectures, classes and appearances that shouldn’t be.  I’m a guy who knows how reality television works and sincerely wants to ensure that media students know how to get in and stay in reality television, not inflate my ego by selling you some kind of crazy system that I pulled out of my ear.

Here’s what I’m promising if you ever pony up good money to see me or I somehow materialize in front of your class someday:

  • I promise that, short of hearing pitches, I’ll try to be open to anything.
  • I promise not to talk about anything I don’t have firsthand knowledge of, and if asked to speculate about how something could be done, I’ll be up front that I’m giving you a hypothetical.
  • I promise not to sugar coat anything, and either tell you the truth or explain why I can’t.

In return, I’d like to ask:

  • That you please not pitch me anything.
  • That you not seize the moment of my guest lecture as a chance to rail against reality television.  It does a disservice to those who want to know more about the career path if I have to waste time debating you on the merits of the genre.  Good TV comes in all forms, as does lousy TV.
  • That you have fun.

Hope to see you soon.  And don’t forget that the first events related to the book are coming right up.

You can find me at the UFVA conference on August 4-6 or my upcoming seminar at The Writers Store in Burbank on August 13 (3pm) that you can RSVP to for free here.  There’s also a huge MWP-coordinated event, The Future of Story Conference, coming up on August 27 that I’ll be a panelist at along with some other solid writer/producers with (gasp) actual credits.

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