Media Schools: Not Teaching Reality TV? Why Not?

As the UFVA 2011 Conference draws nearer, I’m already trying to figure out why so many schools that teach writing for television and film aren’t teaching writing for reality television.  Maybe it’s because most resources in print are hopelessly centered on creating an original series instead of the more practical approach to working as a writer or producer on the hundreds of reality television shows produced in this country every year.

If you are an educator who is genuinely interested in bringing the world of reality television production to your students, adding skills that will improve their chances of being able to pursue a writing and producing career beyond the already wannabe-glutted fields of film and traditionally scripted television, I have good news for you.

Using Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market as your textbook, there’s now a supplementary (and free) syllabus that will enable you to teach Reality Television Basics as a semester or two-quarter class.

Just wanted to let you know it’s out there.  Stop me at the UFVA conference or drop me a line at realitytvtroy(at) if you have any questions.

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