Win a signed copy of “Reality TV”

Would you like to win a signed copy of Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to Television’s Hottest Market? Just respond to this post before August 1 with an answer to this question: “What do you think is the best reality show of all time and why does it work for you?”

Entries must be submitted by midnight on July 31, 2011, and the winner will be selected by a super-secret, to-be-revealed reality professional other than myself.

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  1. This is a tough question. I think I’d have to go with the original, non-celebrity “Mole.” It had all the elements of great reality competition, and it included a season-long mystery that rewarded viewers for watching closely and sticking around throughout the season.

  2. My favorite show would be “So You Think You Can Dance”. I like the talent on the show and the emotions that are brought out it the music and choreography. There is also multiple untapped revenue sources for this show to increase the profits.
    Although this is a great reality competition for many in the entertainment industry it still leaves a little to be desired. I think there is room for a great show to be produced that can captivate an audience like So You Think and American Idol while also maximizing revenue through other possible streams.

  3. Although it’s really changed over the years, I have to say The Real World. The first three or four seasons were amazing. I’m not sure if it was because of my age at the time or because everything was so new, but of all the shows I’ve watched over the years, and I’ve watched a bunch, The Real World had the most memorable people and episodes. I can still vividly recall all of the casts and big events from those first few years. Besides being really entertaining, the show also addressed serious issues in an interesting format that was much better that the awful sitcom or after-school special format we were used to.

  4. My favorite is one that hasn’t been brought into play yet, but is making a lot of headway in “talk”. CrimeTV. Or better yet, DeathrowTV. Watch the live televised executions of Deathrow Inmates. I think that this would really make people reconsider doing the more violent and despicable crimes. The goal of the TV series is to be cancelled not by ratings, but by lack of inmates to execute.

    1. Kelly, the opposite would probably more likely happen. One of the “highlights” of towns in the Wild West as well as throughout Europe was the public executions. They had a carnival atmosphere. Hawkers were selling snacks and miniature version of the implements of execution. Child got up front to get a good view. Women as well as men showed up. Women commonly wore their best clothes as it was pretty much a “see and be seen” events. The to-be-executed commonly got into the act by hamming it up before they die, giving their “last words” to the audience, etc. In fact, private executions were most commonly done to prevent the convicted of speaking the onlookers. This was most commonly done with condemned political prisoners. Then afterwards, it was common that the condemned clothes were cut up and sold as souvenirs, people dipped a piece of cloth to soak up some of the condemned’s blood as another souvenir, and the “death mask” was taken and then put on public display in the local wax museum.

      No, call me cynical, but I believe public support for executions would go up if they were made public again, not down. CNN, FNC, and MSNBC would do big send-up shows before each. The victims and/or their survivors would give tearful recountings of the crime. The prosecutors would wear their best suits and toupees as it would help get them re-elected. The condemned’s mother would get her fifteen minutes of fame … and probably try to get a book deal out of it. Yes, there would be anti-death penalty protesters … who will also be pushing each other out of the way for the camera to film If anything, some crazy serial killer will likely kill just to get the attention.

  5. I would have to say my favorites are Survivor and Big Brother. Both for the same reasons pretty much. They both put people together from all walks of life, put them through various situations without the benefit of phones, tvs, computers, print publications (besides The Bible) and we get to watch the fireworks. Each person has their own plan for winning, but has to adapt in some way along that path, which really, is like everyday life in the ‘real world’, isn’t it? We all have a plan and have to adapt along the way.

  6. the bachelor / bachelorette.. Not the new ones, but the old ones.. maybe first 5 seasons. I know, cheezy and dramatic but there is nothing like diving into a fantasy unrealistic dating world to make you feel better about your life 🙂

  7. My favorite reality show or “docu-reality” show by far is “Deadliest Catch”. Everything from the characters to the production quality is great. Since episode #1 I’ve been hooked, while other reality TV lost me after one season or even one episode.

    Over the years I’ve tried “Real World”, “Survivor”, “The Mole”, “The Amazing Race” (which was also great), “Swords On the Line”, and many more. From my limited amount of experience working on a reality series (D.C. Cupcakes) I have a great respect for the amount of work that went into every single one of them, but none compare (in my eyes) to “Deadliest Catch”.

    Having seen all of the “After the Catch” episodes and “Behind the Scenes” episodes I stand in awe at everything the producers, cameramen, and the rest of the crew have dealt with. To top it off, Bob Bronow’s sound work has been nothing short of miraculous. Crisp, clear dialogue that was recorded on a boat in the middle of the Bering Sea? Bravo, Mr. Bronow.

  8. I would like to enter properly. I have to say Whale Wars is my fave. I love the fact that Paul seems to find people from all over the world to come together for the same cause. Often times putting their lives on the line. Leaving their lives and all they know for the fight to save whales. Love it! And their veteran (USMC) Chris, the helo pilot is the bomb.

  9. This really won’t come to any surprise to you, Troy, but my favorite is “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” It’s the best parts of “Top Model” and “Project Runway”, combined with a great knowing wink. It’s a great competition show and a knowing wink AT competition shows. And RuPaul is one of the best hosts on TV. And the guest judges are wonderful. Anyway, I can go on and on. Love that show.

  10. My favorite is Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. The kids are smart, funny, articulate. It’s like a loving, normal family — that just happens to be rich and famous. It’s fascinating seeing the difference between the on-stage rock-and-roll, God of Thunder persona, the ruthless businessman, and the everyday guy who’s trying his best, but he’s slightly overwhelmed and perplexed about all the people in his world. But he loves them and he’s willing to be the butt of a joke, if it’ll make them happy. It’s a rock-and-roll family that’s not a cliche — they’re not all strung out on drugs, they’re not spoiled and barely coherent, they’re not self-centered and egotistical. They’re fun to watch.

  11. The best reality show ever for me would have to be The Biggest Loser. My reason behind that is that it is one of the very few reality TV shows that has been able to not only entertain, but inspire and help change viewers lives just as much as those competing on the show. Viewers of The Biggest Loser can get in the zone so easy with that show just by listening the trainers, music, and sound FX piped in, and the style of the editing. They may not be instantly up and off the couch, but that seed can be planted that “maybe I should watch what I eat tomorrow by doing X”, or “Let’s go for a walk tomorrow morning before Y”.

    So few reality shows truly inspire to actually take personal action or responsibility, and instead, allow us to watch a train wreck from the safety of our living rooms. The Biggest Loser gives us the train wreck, but it also throws out a hand in cleaning up viewers own wrecks.

  12. I like “America’s Got Talent.” It’s consistently entertaining, with some mind-blowing talent, no age limits, and has a great variety of performing arts, rather than just a singing or dancing show.

  13. The results are in… special guest reality pro Eduardo Penna reached into his magic hat and selected Gary (and bonus recipient Frank).

    Send me your addresses, guys! realitytvtroy (at)

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