News: Posts Now Updated Every Saturday / Upcoming Reality Book

Some people just don’t understand what weekends are for, and I’m one of them. Monday through Friday’s my regular work week, but every Saturday when the alarm goes off at 8, I’m out of bed and working away on whatever personal project I’m taking on at the time. From now on, folded into whatever weekend schedule I’m committing myself to, I’ll be posting at least one blog entry.

If you are an interested reality fan, a colleague in the business, or a student of film or television production, please subscribe and comment with any info you’d like to share or additional questions you’d like to see answered. Let’s keep it lively and civil, folks!

So about the last 53 weeks of Saturdays…

For just over a year, I’ve been working on a book due out next summer from MWP, the wonderful folks behind TV and Film titles SAVE THE CAT, SHOT BY SHOT and THE SOUND EFFECTS BIBLE.

I know what you’re thinking — Troy finally wrote a juicy book about all that behind the scenes action in reality TV that he wouldn’t share with us before?


I wouldn’t be caught dead writing a tell-all, because that’s just not my style. “No Comment” is practically my middle name.

The book, whose title will be announced later, is geared toward media students and working professionals interested in pursuing a career in reality TV, covering everything from the history of reality television to how to find a job in the genre, the basics of workflow from pre-pro through post to creating and selling shows. More than 20 top show creators, story producers, execs and editors contributed to the book with their own advice or by commenting on drafts along the way to the final product.

With exercises included at the end of most chapters, it’ll hopefully be ideal as a text for educators and a thought-provoking read for hardcore reality fans as well.

I’ll keep you posted as the book winds its way to press, and look forward to posting more often here in the meanwhile.

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