You found me!

Hi, folks.

I’m Troy DeVolld, a reality television producer, writer and sometime academic guest lecturer on the genre.  While my old blog ( still lives, this one will deal solely with the craft of reality television writing and production.  Special attention will be paid to answering questions relating to beginning and maintaining a career in the genre.

This isn’t the place to take poorly produced material to task or discuss the stars of your favorite programs, on-screen or off.  Let’s keep things civil.

I look forward to posting soon!

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Writer and reality television producer since 2001. Credits at

2 thoughts on “You found me!

  1. Was looking for a place to post this question. BTW, viewers, click on the main title above and then “older posts”, and you’ll find an s-load of info, from the heart, just keep clicking and reading, we’re pretty blessed to have this kind of access.

    My q is — I started my “career” in screenwriting under an assumed pen name, very close to my own but much more memorable and easier to pronounce. Simply said, will this blow up on me? Do I need to use my real name or change it legally to my actual name or assumed name? I know that many actors change their names, but when they get a loan, who do they go under?

    With a strong history in small business, I know I can do business as (DBA) Brad Pitt, for extremely hypothetical example, which would be my company name, when my true name is Brad Pittance. But, in your experience, Troy, do you have an opinion or advice on the matter? I’m also curious if reality “stars” change their “screen name” out of fear of recognition / retribution from fans.

    Thanks in advance!

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